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Secondary Activities

PTA - Secondary
Secondary Activities

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Various activities supplementary to teaching & organised for total achievement of objectives are co-curricular activities.

Values, Attitudes, Team spirit, Fair-play, Co-Operation, Brotherhood, Self-Esteem, Love for Nature & Environment, Social + Individual Cleanliness &Patriotism are developed through co-curricular.


I. Curricular

1.Audio-Visual Presentation
2.Project Works
3.Science Exhibition
4.Physical Education



II. Co-Curricular

1.Sports & Games
2.Quiz Club
3.Science Club
4.Tours & Excursions
5.Dramatic Club
6.G.Knowledge & External Exams



III. Extra Curricular

1. Class Picnics & Outings
2. Coaching Camps & Summer Camps
3. Computer Literacy Programmes
4. Vocal/Instrumental Music Classes
5.Dance Classes
6. Intra & Inter School Literary & Cultural Competition.